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About Us

Savannah Oaks Beef - Changing the way quality beef is brought from farm to table.


We are a solution provider to our local ranching community.  We are a network of quality minded independent ranchers providing the best Texas Local Artisan beef to our local consumers.  We are here to support our local families and changing the way beef comes to market, while providing a better product.  All our beef is USDA inspected and certified.


We operate under 4 core principles:

True Partnership:

We provide a true partnership to our ranching community for a sustainable future.

Quality Over Quantity:

Independent ranchers focused on our animals raised in low stress, healthy conditions in herds on pastures.

Transparency & Healthy Eating:

You have the right to trust your food, we have total digital traceability of all of our cattle and ranchers and tell you exactly where your meat comes from and how it was raised.

Real Meat Raised Right:

We’re proud of our animals and ranchers who raised them with the absolute highest standards. This leads to the healthiest life for our animals and a profoundly better beef that is nutrient dense, full of flavor and better for the environment.