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What Our Customers are Saying


We grilled and just ate some of our steaks!  They were SOOO GOOD! 

Shelby A, Montgomery, TX                                                      


Just cooked our first Filet from Savannah Oaks - was the best steak I have ever eaten!  And I've purchased beef from several different ranchers/suppliers in the past.  We will be placing another order very soon! 

E.J. A, Cypress, TX


If there is a word that's better than fantastic, that's what I would call the taste!  And very tender!  Unbelievable ribeye!

John and Debbie A, Montgomery, TX


Omg!!  Made the filets!  Seriously, SO good.  My husband said the quality is so much better than what we normally get.  Also, thank you for all the extra ground beef!  We are set for a while!

Hunter and Sydney M, Houston, TX